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New Years Goals…Let’s Be Honest

It’s that special time of year once again: a shiny new 365-day slate awaits us to be filled with exciting events, people and successes. You can shed the old year along with those cool shoes…
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People Magazine Featuring My Wedding!!

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Kintamani volcano waterfall

Kintamani Volcano & Waterfall

So in my first few days in Bali I decided to take a “relaxing” hike/bike to the breathtaking Kintamani Volcano and Waterfall. Now let me start with the disclaimer that I workout Enjoy! I…
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Bali Bound!

I did it! I figured it out. I spent about a week after finding these pictures of this little piece of heaven booking every detail for my trip that was half way across the world.…
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My Secret Spot!

Over the next few days I am going to be posting about my secret spot. Check back for updates!…
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My Skin Care

Everyone always asks about my skin care routine so I am going to breakdown both my morning and evening routines!…
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